Drywall corner clips, as the name indicates, are fastened at the corners of drywall boards to grip the stud.

Drywall Supply offers all major types of fastening clips:

  • General usage drywall clips
  • Melt-away drywall clips
  • Drywall repair clips
  • Acoustical drywall clips
  • Vertical clips
  • Slide clips – Used to provide vertical movement independent of steel framing
  • Bridge clips – Used to fasten cold rolled channel to steel studs when using load bearing curtain wall or a drywall framing application
  • Stiff clips – Provide a rigid connection used to add strength to steel framing in multiple applications
  • Insta-back – Easy way to quickly repair holes without cutting back to the stud. They can also be used to back seams where no stud is available
  • Corner-back – Attaches to drywall and is fastened into a corner stud, eliminating the need for extra backing studs while securing the drywall in place
  • And more

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