Carl Johnson began his career in the drywall industry as a contractor, but knew he wanted to work on the distribution side. Noticing smaller contractors being treated unfairly by drywall distributors, he saw an opportunity to provide them with the same attention and service the bigger guys were getting. And in the fall of 1986, he seized that opportunity and established Drywall Supply, Inc.

Carl leased a single grain shed in St. Michael, Minnesota to begin operations. He combined hard work, determination, and an entrepreneurial mindset to seize opportunities for growth. He was able grow Drywall Supply into a leading drywall distributor across Minnesota, North Dakota, western Wisconsin, and northern Iowa.

Since day one, Drywall Supply has been dedicated to customer satisfaction. Whether you’re a residential or commercial contractor or a lumber yard operator, we provide the same level of delivery support and service on every order we receive.

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